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While focusing on Russia, we provide the full range of travelling destinations, you can discover and explore with us.

The world's largest country offers it all, from historic cities and mesmerizing countryside to artistic riches, epic train journeys and unique night-life experiences.

Other destinations
Cities Armenia: Yerevan
A trip to Armenia is a nice chance to discover an incredible country with vivid ancient history and magnificent nature. Here you may find the evidence of the dawn of civilization as well opportunities for a modern and comfortable holiday at ski and spa resorts of the country.
Cities Azerbaijan: Baku, Ganja
If you are looking for the finest examples of the Caucasian nature, culture and hospitality, a trip to Azerbaijan is the right choice. A tour of the natural attractions is an essential part of your journey to Azerbaijan. The nature of the country is incredibly rich and, as it was already mentioned, is carefully preserved by the authorities of the country.
Cities Belarus: Minsk, Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel
Belarus may seem to be not a very big country however the one, who decides to visit it, might be surprised with the wide range of opportunities for leisure Belarus might offer. Today Belarus is a country with high development of sanatorium-resort complex which may compete with other countries of Eastern Europe, known in the field of spa treatment, both in quality of services and their costs.
Cities China: Beijing
China is the only modern country with the culture which exists from the ancient times. Its growing political and economic influence in the contemporary world stimulates interest of foreign tourist, so today China is the fourth visited country in the world. China attracts people from all over the world with its rich history and traditions, while nature also plays a significant role in the preferences of the travelers.
Cities Finland: Helsinki, Lappeenranta, Rovaniemi
Finland is well recognized among the countries of Northern Europe and its strong individuality makes it incredibly popular all around the world. Hiking around the forests or the Baltic coast, skiing and sledging in winter, brightly illuminated cities and the mysterious Northern Lights. This is just a small part of the list of activities you might enjoy if you decide to spend your vacation in Finland.
Cities Estonia: Tallin, Parnu,Tartu
Estonia is one of the charming northern countries, situated on the Baltic shores. It is a country of rich history and remarkable nature. The Estonian capital owes its popularity to the incredible and unique atmosphere of the Old Town. The houses and cathedrals of the Old Tallinn are carefully preserved and known as one of the brightest examples of the world heritage in Europe.
Cities Georgia: Tbilisi, Rustavi, Kutaisi
Georgia is one of the most beautiful countries in the Caucasus and its popularity as a world's famous tourist destination is rapidly increasing each year. First of all, Georgia is a country full of natural and historical attractions, which have been almost unknown to the foreign travelers for the last 20 years as the country.
Cities Kazakhstan: Astana, Almaty
Kazakhstan is the biggest and the wealthiest country of Central Asia. The boundless spaces of the country mesmerize tourists by unusual landscapes of the steppe and the desert. A trip to Kazakhstan is the best solution for those, who wishes to discover Central Asia, but doesn't want to face any inconvenience or discomfort while travelling.
Cities Kyrgyzstan: Bishkek
In ancient times Kyrgyzstan used to be the home of the freedom-loving nomads. However times have changed, you can still experience the incredible feeling of freedom over this mountainous land. Contemporary Kyrgyzstan is one of the most tourist-friendly countries of Central Asia. Tours to Kyrgyzstan attract courageous and broad-minded people open to new experiences and impressions.
Cities Latvia: Riga, Jurmala, Turaida
Latvia is a charming country on the shore of the Baltic Sea. Latvia would be a nice place to spend a holiday with your family, as well as young travelers might also find the country an attractive place to spend their vacation. A trip to Latvia would certainly become a good opportunity to enjoy its nature and unique culture.
Cities Lithuania: Vilnius, Palanga, Kaunas
Lithuania is the biggest of the Baltic countries where you might become acquainted with rich history and culture of the country - some historical sites like castles and old towns remind about the distant past times of the Crusades while there are many commemorating events of the 20th century. Lithuania is a country of fine seaside resorts and spa towns, which might make your trip a nice opportunity to improve your health and have some rest from everyday routine.
Cities Mongolia: Ulan-Bator
Mongolia is one of the most exotic tourist destinations in Central Asia. The country, which is usually called 'the Land of the Blue Skies' attracts foreign travelers with its endless steppes still inhabited by nomadic shepherd, who indeed are very hospitable and friendly people with an impressive way of life. Mongolia fascinates its guest with the incredible diversity of landscapes, with its spaciousness.
Cities Turkmenistan: Ashkhabad
A trip to Turkmenistan is an astonishing opportunity to discover the world particularly different from the state of things you are used to. 80 percent of the country's vast territory is covered by the sands of the Karakum Desert but at the same time the descendants of the nomadic shepherds live in ultra-modern and clean cities like Asghabat and Turkmenbashi.
Cities Ukraine: Kiev, Lviv, Odessa
Mild climate and relatively large territory of Ukraine makes her a nice place to visit all the year round. Here you may find unique historical and natural sight. A wide range of activities available in different parts of Ukraine would definitely make your vacation unforgettable. The most attractive tourist sights are scattered around the country, so even a brief acquaintance with the Ukrainian wonders might require some travelling, however the Seven Wonders of Ukraine are really worth seeing.
Cities Uzbekistan: Tashkent, Bukhara, Samarkand, Urgench
Uzbekistan is a country with great history: it was invaded by Alexander the Great, and later became the motherland of mighty Tamerlane - the famous conqueror of Asia; it was the land where the Silk Road passed and reason of rivalry between the Russian and the British Empires. Today Uzbekistan is the pearl of Central Asia with the magnificent historical sites, which withstood the toughest times of the Uzbek history, and the devastated nature of some regions like the Aral Sea, almost ruined during the times of peace.
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