5 new fascinating places to visit in Siberia for everyone

5 new places to visit in Siberia for everyone

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Siberia - one of the most beautiful regions of Russia. It is place of picturesque landscapes, magnificent mountains, the mirror lakes, huge variety of amazing and rare animals, endless plains and forests, which fascinate people from all over the world. It takes more than 70% of the territory of Russia and it is even bigger then Canada, the second largest country. 

Siberia is mostly famous for Baikal, the biggest, the deepest  and one of the purest lakes in the world, for Kamchatka with its breathtaking views and of course for its cold winter. You already know enough about both of them. That is why today we want you to meet another side of this incredible region. Here we go: 5 new fascinating places to visit in Siberia for everyone!

Akkem lakes in Altay

Traveling to Akkem lakes would be perfect for those who prefer the rest “alone with the nature”.  Two mirrors located down at Altay mountainside create absolutely peaceful and bewitching atmosphere.

Upper Akkem Lake is well known as “throbbing lake” – that is because periodically it disappears at all! In the past, it used to be a full lake, but in length of time the rocks, which served a kind of barrier had been blurred. Since then water fills basin only during the spring flood. For the rest of the time, one of the branches of Akkem runs through it.

Lower Akkem Lake is formed as the result of melting glacier. That is why it still has gray-white silt at the bottom. The lake is located at a height of about 2 meters above the sea level and stretches for 1350 meters!

The area of Akkem lakes considered a natural monument and is deeply loved for its pure pristine beauty. Don’t forget to visit The valley of 7 lakes, Akkemian glacier and Jarl Valley which are placed nearby, you definitely won’t be disappeared! 

Akkem lakes.png

Tomsk pisanitsa

Visit to Tomsk pisanitsa would be very interesting for those, who are fond of history. It is historical-cultural and natural museum-reserve, where you can find real rock paintings of 4’th -1’st century B.C. Images of animals and humanoids, hunting scenes and symbols of heavenly bodies from the Neolithic and Bronze Age will make you speechless.

Apart from rock art, there are many other valuable cultural, architectural, natural and historical exhibits, which will immerse you in the ancient history of Russian people. One of the most interesting one is Ethnographic Complex, which consists of authentic buildings the 19-20’th centuries: floor hut, summer kitchen, barn, blacksmith, Russian banya, outbuildings for cattle and many other impressive exposures. Besides, you will definitely be fascinated with the pure Russian nature of Tomsk pisanitsa: 156 hectares of pinery with hundreds types of plants, reserve, which is home for badgers, foxes, lynx and other animals and for more than 60 species of birds.  

Tomsk pusanitsa.png

Altay Stonehenge

Altay Stonehenge – is the best place for lovers of mysticism.  It is a historical monument with five big smooth stones up to 7 meters tall. One of the stones has a crossbar and reminds the throne or chair. Locals believe that Altay Stonehenge had been shaman burial sites. Indeed, it looks like true!

Just see: there is a throne for the shaman, other stones are laid out in a circle and oriented to cardinal points. Each of them have a very specific location. Besides, it had been defined, that they are alien, the material was not found in this area! There was a tradition in the past to bring stones for the burial of shamans from distant places, despite the fact that each weighs several tons!

“The throne of Shaman” and other stones of Altay Stonehenge have a very strong energetics. Those who tried to sit down on it distinctly felt a sense of falling into the funnel. One thing is certain: that is a perfect place for you to clear your mind and to meditate. Experience it yourself!

Altay Stones.png

Berdsk cliffs

If you are brave and adventurous person - visit Berdsk cliffs, a steep rocky area along the right bank of river Bierd. It is one of the most beautiful places in New Siberian region and it is difficult to disagree with that.

The pearl of Berdsk cliff is Zveroboy (“animal-killer”).  It is really dangerous place with very steep slopes, but from the top of it you can enjoy a wonderful view on the winding valley, rocky mountains, forests and rivers. That is why Zveroboy attracts so much rock climbers and those who just cannot imagine life without extreme!

Berdsk cliffs.png

New Siberian Zoo

The ideal direction for curious people, who would like to expend their knowledge of the flora and fauna, or just love animals! One of the largest zoos in Russia, member of the 3 international unions, it takes care of more than 11 000 animals, which united into 738 species. More than 350 of them are under the threat of disappearing.

New Siberian Zoo has one of the world's finest collections of representatives of the cat family and mustelidae.  The symbol of New Siberian Zoo is a snow leopard – beautiful and grace animal that has survived only in Siberia in the Altay and Sayan-Shushenskoye Reserve.

Every year 1.5 million people from all over the world visit New Siberian Zoo. It is a perfect place to feel involved into amazing world of wild nature and get an unforgettable experience.

Try to plan your visit in New Siberian Zoo during Russian national holidays, with unique celebration programs – we guarantee you to be impressed!

New Siberian ZOO.png

As you see Siberia is not only about cold winter, Baikal Lake and Volcanoes in Kamchatka, there are so many fascinating places, which you will never forget! Visit this beautiful region or offer this incredible journey to your

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5 new places to visit in Siberia for everyone
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