What makes travellers pick a tour to Siberia?

What makes travellers pick a tour to Siberia?

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By the common opinion, Siberia is considered to be a stark snowy edge, icy desert, where no one lives, and only angry bears are waiting for a lost reckless traveler.

Here, we’re going to try to refute this myth created by Hollywood.

First, there is some statistics: Siberia is a land sprawled on over 10 millions square kilometers. It stretches from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific Ocean! Siberia has become a part of Russia centuries 16-17. Now, more than 19 million people live on this huge territory. Geographical structure makes us divide Siberia into two parts: Western and Eastern Siberia.

This region is associated with mighty health, crackling frosts, impenetrable northern forests, called taiga, fabulously beautiful nature, oil, coal, and gas. It is not surprising, that such a vast space is sure to contain interesting places.

Ancient Altai

If you want to see pure untouched nature, visit Altai Mountains. They are one of the most beautiful places on the Earth! The majestic rivers Ob, Irtysh, Yenisei, are born here. Thousands of mountain lakes with sky-blue water can also be found in this area. People have been living in Altai for hundreds of years. They erected live mounds of stone, left us ancient letters, different statues of stone.

You can see one of the oldest monuments of the rock art on the legendary Ukok plateau, on the Bugymuiz pass. It is called the Bertekskaya Pisanitsa. The rock of Kyzyl-Tas is dotted with images of hunters and animals, created in immemorial times – in 8-6 centuries BC. Fans of extreme sports can combine a tour to Ukok with rafting on the Mountain Rivers, rock climbing and spector-tourism.

The highest mounting on Altai – Belukha – is 4506 meters high. Famous local resorts Belokurikha and Teletskoye Lake, belong to the objects of national heritage. Healing waters of Belokurikha are well-known in Russia country for their wonderful properties.

These lands are fanned with myths, and local cultures will share mysterious legends with you. One of them is about a White Lady. She is considered to be a progenitor of all Altai people. About 25 years ago a woman’s mummy was found in Pazyryk burial mounds. The local shamans declared that she was someone like progenitrix Eva for the people inhabiting the Altai region in ancient times.

One more Riddle

Tunguska meteorite is a famous enigma that humanity can’t solve for more than 100 years. On June 30, 1908, it flew over the territory of Eastern Siberia and fell, damaging it for many kilometers around. Scientists from many countries have collected a lot of facts about this phenomenon and put several hypotheses forward, but nobody knows for certain what happened in real.

Tomsk and its wooden architecture

People always built wooden houses on harsh Siberian expanses. One of the cities, where you can see many wonderful houses decorated with wooden lace, is Tomsk. It was founded in 1604, and houses built 300-400 years ago still can be seen in the historical part of the city. There are around 1,800 of them, each having its own unique style and interesting constructing solutions. These masterpieces of wooden architecture attract human’s eye with their rich decoration.

Fortress on Tere-Khol Lake

There is a wonderful lake with crystal clear water in the protected zone of Ubsunur basin. It is called Tere-Khol and is known by its fortress built in the 18th century. Nobody knows who built it and what was the purpose for constructing it there. Siberia is rich with many riddles of this type. Unravelling them is the task for people who are fond of history and want to know it deeper.

One article is surely not enough to tell about everything that you can see on 10 million square kilometers!

Lake Baikal and Reserve “Stolby”, pine bands and Museum-Reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa”, Olkhon Island and Warm Strait Maloe More, the Baikal National Parks in Siberia, the Baikal-Lena State, the Barguzinsky Nature Reserves, the Biryusin, and the Museum of caves - all these Siberian places are worth to be seen.

What makes travellers pick a tour to Siberia?
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