Victory Day on May 9

Victory Day on May 9

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On 9 of May Russia celebrates one of the most important days in the history of country - Victory Day. It commemorates the defeat of Nazi Germany in the World War II and has a special significance for each Russian family.

The celebration program is always rich and eventful: concerts, grand fireworks, exhibitions, meeting with war soldiers, historical reconstructions, and parades of military equipment are held in all the cities of Russia.

During this day, the streets are overcrowded with thousands of residents and tourists, veterans in uniforms hung with medals and orders. The kind tradition is to give flowers to brave defenders of the country who had shown the absolute courage during the war, and bring them to the graves of dead soldiers and on the commemorate fire where many persons recollect themselves. Traditionally people choose red carnations as a symbol of courage, bravery and victory. St George’s ribbons with their black and orange stripes are possess by the majority of the crowd; they represented traditional military decorations awarded by Imperial, Soviet and modern Russia and reflected the gloom and at the same time elevated spirit of the crowd.

The most large-scale events will take place in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The capital of Russia prepares impressive solemn parade on the Red Square with participation of president. In continuation of the parade there will be held a grand concert of the most famous Russian musicians and pop stars. You will also have an opportunity to attend others memorial events in Poklonnaya Hill and Alexander Garden, retro dance party in the Hermitage Garden, meeting of veterans in Teatralnaya Square, military orchestras in city parks and much more. Moreover, on the way to the square you will see the tanks and jets of the soviet period.   

In Saint Petersburg the celebration of the Victory Day will begin with the military parade on the Palace Square. Line of cars and military equipment of the WWII will move along the central streets of the city, helicopters, fighter jets and transport planes will fly above the main city square. Traditionally, people bring flowers at the Piskarevskoye cemetery, where mass graves of the victims. You will have a chance to see the lightening of the torch to the memory of death. At 22:00 there is a breathtaking firework that takes place at the walls of Peter and Paul fortress.

Starting from the first days of May the central streets of the city will be blocked. Here is the schedule for 2017:

Saint Petersburg: 5 May (from 20:00 to 23:00), 7 May (from 7:00 to 13:00), 8 May (16:30) – 9 May (13:00).

Moscow: 7 May (from 5:00), 9 May (9:00 – 22:00).


Victory Day on May 9
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