Tsarskoye Selo and Catherine’s palace

What’s there to see in Tsarskoye Selo?

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Tsarskoe Selo is a former suburban royal residence, which was turned into a museum after nationalization in 1918. It includes a palace and park ensemble of the 18-19th centuries. The modern status of the Tsarskoe Selo museum-reserve was received relatively recently, in 1992.

Remarkably, the restoration of this landmark St. Petersburg was financed by the World Bank. Thus, $4 million was spent on restoration works in 2008.

Tourists from all over the world come to admire this museum-reserve, which includes: Catherine Park, Alexander Park, Alexander Palace and many other beautiful parks and elegant palaces. However, for most people, "Tsarskoe Selo" and "Catherine Palace" are concepts that are not identical, but very interconnected.

In the Communist times

In 1918, the Tsarskoye Selo palace and park complex was nationalized by the Bolsheviks, and in the palaces and mansions there were children's institutions. The decree of the Council of Commissioners of the Union of Communes of the Northern Region of November 7 of the same year, the territory of Tsarskoe Selo got a new name - the Children's Village. True, under the new name, the city had to remain short-lived: in connection with the centenary of Alexander Pushkin on February 10, 1937, it was renamed Pushkin.

The Great Patriotic War and the blockade of Leningrad could not but leave a mark on the history of the city of Pushkin. On September 18, 1941, it was occupied by the Germans, who barbarously destroyed most of the architectural monuments. At the same time, the kidnapping of the famous Amber Room from the Catherine's Palace occurred - a historical crime that has not been solved so far. The city was liberated only on January 24, 1944 by the forces of General Khazov in the Krasnoselsko-Ropsha operation.

Modern Time

Since the 1990s, elite residential construction has been taking place in Pushkin. A bit more than 10 years ago, in April 2004, unknown people threw a monument to Lenin from the pedestal, established during the Bolsheviks in the place of the blasted Ekaterininsky Cathedral. In July 2010, the city of Pushkin celebrated the tercentenary - and at the same time the construction of the Catherine's Cathedral was over.

What’s there to see in Tsarskoye Selo?
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