What is the best time for visiting Russia?

Weather in Russia. Which season is the best for going to Russia?

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Describing the period when it is better to go to Russia is simply impossible. Geographically, the country is located in virtually all climate zones, from the Arctic to the subtropical. Thus, during the high season in Russia, the air temperature in one part of the country can reach + 20 ° C, and in the other one it can overtake + 30 ° C.

The best time of the year when it's worth flying to Russia is summer. The average daily air temperature is + 25 ° C, and it’s a season of minimal amount of precipitation. This period is considered to be ideal to fully enjoy the main natural wealth of the country.

Spring vacations in Russia

Planning a vacation in Russia in the spring should know that this period is not considered the best when you want to relax in Russia. It may snow up to mid-April. In the countryside, because of the abundant melting of snows, rivers often flow. Only with the arrival of May the air warms up to +20°C.

Weather in Russia in the spring is characterized by strong gusts and thunderstorms. Sufficiently warm weather conditions are established only on the Black Sea coast. In April, here the air temperature warms up to +12°C, and in May it can reach + 19 ° C. When planning a trip to other regions, do not forget to bring warm things with you, since with the sunset it becomes quite cool.

Travelling to Russia in autumn

The weather in Russia in autumn is considered the most unpredictable. During a short period of warmth, the temperature can reach +25°C, when already at the end of August the thermometer can show only +14°C.

In autumn, rubber boots and an umbrella will become your irreplaceable allies.

Best places for summer vacation in Russia

In the central part of Russia, the weather in the summer is not considered very hot. The average daily temperature during the high season does not exceed +26°C. Because of them, a large number of forest fires occur throughout the country.

A really pleasant holiday in Russia in the summer can be spent on the Black Sea coast. Going on a summer trip, do not forget to bring sunscreen with you and put a hat on. During summer months it becomes hotter in Sochi, and colder in Novosibirsk.

Russian winter

The weather in Russia in winter, as a rule, is quite cold, snowy and severe. Throughout the country, the average daily temperature is at -15°C. For January and February, there are strong snowstorms and winds. In December, weather conditions may be the most volatile.

Rest of Russia in winter can only come to lovers of extreme slopes in the mountains. But for such a holiday it is better to choose the central or southern regions of the country, where the weather conditions are not so severe, but snowy. And yet the winter months are considered a time when the low season begins in Russia.

Weather in Russia. Which season is the best for going to Russia?
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