The second Charity trip for the wards of the foundation “Starost v Radost”.

The second Charity trip for the wards of the foundation “Starost v Radost”.

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As you already know, this year we started a collaboration with Charity foundation “Starost v radost” (Old age as a joy), whose goal is to improve the quality of life of elderly people and people with disabilities in the Boarding Houses in different regions of Russia. We decided to make our contribution to this great initiative, organizing short day-trips.

The first trip to Moscow, which was organized for the Pervomaisky nursing home (Tula region) brought so positive emotions that we couldn't wait for the next trip! And yesterday, on 9 of August the group of grandparents from Boarding House for Elderly in Vyshniy Volochek visited Tver – a picturesque city, located on the banks of the Volga river. The travelers visited the most beautiful landmarks of the city, prayed at the icons in the "White Trinity" Church, which was built in в 1564, and thus is the oldest in the ciry! Then the grandparents had a walk in the central park, where they were fascinated by beautiful flowerbeds, gazebos, sculptures and had a short photosessionJ

At the end they had a short River-cruise – which was the first experience for most of them! The city from the water looks absolutely amazing.  We finished a day with dinner at the restaurant Baklajan.

Once again we would like to encourage you not to remain indifferent and to help people, who need your attention. Join us and support the Foundation “Starost v radost”! So many  people need your support! Vist their website or send your email to know more how you can help. 

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