Olta Travel and the Charity Foundation "Starost v Radost"

Olta Travel and the Charity Foundation "Starost v Radost"


It is sad to know, that many elder people and people with disabilities in Russia live in deprivation, accustomed to feel the lack of seemingly basic necessities. And we are talking not just about the comfort, but also the ability to maintain the health – which is crucial for them. Most of them don’t have the support from their relatives. But fortunately, there are indifferent people who devote their lives to helping people in need, making this world better, brighter and kinder.

Exactly these people we were lucky to meet this year! Elizaveta and Olga – two beautiful women and strong initiative team of “Starost v radost” Charity Foundation. It is the organization that helps to improve the quality of life of wards in nursing homes for elder people and people with disabilities. Its goal is to create decent living conditions for them, make them feel that they are needed and very important! They fill their lives with new meaning, give new positive emotions, experiences and help them to enjoy their lives.

Their help is both a moral and material support: the foundation organizes concerts, celebrations, trips, kind letters as well as providing with all the necessary: like comfortable beds, medical equipment, wheelchairs and even magazines, crossword puzzles, and board games.

Now we are happy to make our contribution!

Being a travel organizer for 7 years we realize that so much happiness can bring even the simple journey! Especially for those who cannot afford it. So we have started a kind tradition – to organize day-trips for wards of nursing homes of “Starost v radost” from different parts of Russia.

On the first journey went 30 residents of Pervomaisky nursing home (Tula region).  It was a day-trip to Moscow: we spent it enjoying a sightseeing tour through the most beautiful places of the capital, riding on a boat on Moskva River, taking pictures with the landmarks and having a delicious dinner in Taras Bulba restaurant (as we were told, it was the first time for many of them!). 

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We were very happy to know, that the trip brought a lot of positive impressions and happy moments for the residents of “Pervomaiskiy” and we are looking forward to organize the next journey! The next turn is the nursing home from Ryazan and Tver regions.

Dear colleagues! We have a powerful tool in our hands – the ability to give unforgettable moments of joy to people who so need it. We would like to encourage you to use it - as we believe that every small contribution can make a huge impact on the world. “Starost v radost” is open for your help! Donations of money, essentials, transport services or same trips - everything would be valuable contribution. To know more about the opportunities to help - visit their website  or contact info@starikam.org.

We believe that if each of us will make a small contribution and help people in need - this will make a huge impact on the world. Remember: every act of kindness matters!

Olta Travel and the Charity Foundation "Starost v Radost"
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