Moscow’s best viewing points

Moscow’s best viewing points

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Excursion to Ostankino tower


Ostankino TV-tower is the highest building in the whole Europe that has the most amazing view on the Moscow city. You can check our page for the more information and details of such amazing trip to the sky.

RAN viewing point

From this point you can see the breathtaking view of the city, Moscow river and Alexandreevsky Monastery without being bothered by the crowds of tourists. The platform is small, but cozy and very comfortable to take photos from. Don’t forget to bring your camera with you!

Some people even say that view from this platform is better from the one on Vorobievy Mountains. Well, we suggest you to visit both and see for yourself.

Vorobievy Mountains

This place has high historical and cultural importance. Here Peter the Great looked at Mirror Factory and the first water pipes of Moscow were created. This is a place of main Russian university. In addition, it’s the amazing viewing point!

Vorobievy Mountains is the main viewing point in Moscow. In fact, there are no mountains, only the river bank full of steeps and landslides. This place is actually 150 years old!

The place of the rich history from previous centuries, Vorobievy Mountains right now is a national park that people really like for its huge places for picnics. No wonder, this place is crowded with tourists and locals, no matter of the part of the week.

Time Out Bar

Time out bar

Time Out Bar has a wonderful summer terrace to look at the Moscow city in its full glory. Moreover, this trendy place is a number one spot to visit for people who like sipping cocktails and trying something new every time. Bar menu varies from morning to night, but has many Russian specialties to offer the international guests.

Ferris Wheel “Moscow 850”

Ferris wheel Moscow

The highest attraction in Moscow (and one of the highest in Europe), Ferris wheel may be the most romantic place to visit for couples. It was built in honor of 850 birthday of Moscow.

This enormous construction is 73 meters high, but no matter how big it is, the speed of attraction is rather slow – you can make a circle ride in 7 minutes. Everyone can enjoy the city view from closed or open cabins.

Attraction is open whole year around. Closed cabin ride costs 300 rubles per person, while the ride in the open cabin is worth 350 rubles. After the joyful ride you can also continue you journey to explore Moscow by visiting other attractions of the amusement park “Moscow 850”.

The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

 The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

The story of the Cathedral is highly mysterious. First of all, it was built on a cursed spot people called Chertolye (from Russian ‘chert’ translated as ‘demon’). In the 13 century all the nuns from the monastery here were taken place in purifying this place from evil forces. In the 18 century the monastery was moved to another place and the Cathedral was finally built here, but it was cursed by the nuns who left this place.

Well, no matter how it all started, the cathedral remains on the same spot. While visiting the cathedral, which is presumably is a magical place to drive away the evil forces and curses; you can also enjoy the breathtaking view on the city.

Moscow’s best viewing points
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