Kazan city records

Kazan city records

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The shortest metro

Kazan metro is young: it was open in 2005 and has only 6 stations so far. Still, the stations are designed beautifully; some of them are themed with Kazan architectural beauties, such as Kremlin. Going underground and seeing these stations is almost part of the excursion you really want to go in the city.

Champion in team games

Sometimes Kazan is called the sport capital of Russia due to its luck and wins in games where you need teamwork. The capital of Tatarstan even received the special award “Gold team of Russia” in 2009 for its sport achievements.

The birthplace of Kazan orphan

This nickname and phrase so popular in Russia has some historical background. Under the rule of tsar Ivan the Terrible Kazan received help to restore the city after the army walked through it. Many citizens tried to deceive the tsar saying that there are from Kazan even when they were truly not. That time Ivan the Terrible said this phrase “oh, poor you, the Kazan orphan!” for the first time. By the way, according to some sources the capital of Tatarstan still receives more money from Russian budget than any other region of Russia.

The oldest city of Russia

Kazan is not only the city a hundreds years of history, this is the oldest city of Russia. Even in Eastern Europe there are only two cities that are older than Kazan: they are Kiev and Prague. Of course, the oldest city has the oldest fortress – the Kazan Kremlin.

The most literate city

Such name was given to Kazan in 1897 when a huge population census was done. It was a great surprise that Tatars speak and write brilliantly in Turkish, Arab and their local language. What’s interesting, Russian language was a problem: almost everyone wrote in it with number of mistakes.

The biggest chak-chak in the world

In 2005 the Guinness record book had a new line written on its pages. It was a record from Kazan. People of the city made the huge dessert, each kilo represented the year of Kazan history. No wonder, that this delicacy had a weight above the ton. To make this gorgeous dessert people used a lot of honey, butter and powder together with other ingredients.

The best rat catcher

Cat called Alabrys is well-known in any corner of Kazan for its luck in catching rats during the times of Empress Elizaveta. When he was living, the streets of Kazan were free from rats. After such huge success in the eyes of the empress the Kazan cats were transferred to Saint-Petersburg to do the same job there. In Kazan you can nowadays see the statue of this famous cat eating a rat.

Unique Arc of Lovers

This arc is loved by locals not only for its name, but for one interesting architectural characteristic also. No matter how low will your voice be when you’ll be speaking under the domes of the arc – your partner will hear you. Such acoustical effect is a result of a specific construction of the arc.

Famous Suumbike tower

Not so many people know that Russia has its own leaning tower similar to Pisa tower in Italy. Its spire is “falling” with two meters angle and has many legends about Kazan princess imprisoned in this tower.

Kazan icon of the Mother of God

This holy item famous around the world is located in Kazan. However, it’s only a copy presented to Kazan in 2014 by Vatican. The original icon was destroyed by the peasant who stole it. Still, there is a legend saying that the copy was actually destroyed, but the original is fine and is hidden somewhere. 

Kazan city records
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