Getting ready for FIFA 2018! All you need to know about the trip to one of the most anticipated sport events.

Getting ready for FIFA 2018! All you need to know about the trip to one of the most anticipated sport events.

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On the last week, during 18-19 of October, in Moscow took place RUSSIA EXPO DAYS - online conference for the professionals of tourism industry, dedicated to the FIFA World Cup 2018. The main purpose of the event was to give the answers to the important questions regarding traveling to Russia during the period of Championship.

RUSSIA EXPO DAYS lasted 2 days and the online stream was available worldwide for everyone. The conference gathered the officials from Russia, hundreds of tour operators and tour agencies from different parts of the world, as well as the suppliers of travel services. Among the speakers were Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism, manager at ANCO Organising Committee Russia-2018, First Deputy Director General of Transport directorate of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Vice-president of the Russian Association of Travel Industry, Executive director at MATCH Accommodation 2018, as well as the representatives from the official Tourist Bureau of the hosting cities and local tour operators. Olta Travel had shared the experience, how to organize the memorable trip for a limited time that football fans will have between the games.


The event was very informative - the attendees received the answers to all the most important questions regarding FIFA 2018. Here are some particularly interesting facts, you should know.

Do I need visa to visit Russia in the period of FIFA?

If the tourist is coming to Russia to see the games, he doesn’t need it. He should get FAN ID, which gives the opportunity to visit Russia without visa. Moreover, it is valid 10 days before and 10 days after the period of FIFA World Cup 2018. So that tourists have an opportunity not only to watch the games, but also to travel.

How to get tickets and FAN ID?

FAN ID as well as the ticket is the mandatory document for entry to Russia, for exit from the country and for entering the stadium upon arrival. To get the FAN ID:

  • you should firstly apply to get the tickets on the official website of FIFA or in the official ticket offices in Russia (no one else has the right to sell the tickets!);
  • to wait until you receive the confirmation from FIFA that you are receiving the tickets. To register the ticket;
  • only after to apply for FAN ID (it is free) on the official website of FIFA or in the official offices of FIFA in Russia. You can order the delivery of FAN ID from Russia to every part of the world – it is also free!

Important to know:

Remember that you can get the refusal in obtaining of the FAN ID, without explanation. This can happen if the committee will suspect you in potential security threats.

If you are going to FIFA with a child, you need to order FAN ID for him as well.

If you lost your FAN ID – you can easily restore it. Just send the request via internet and order the delivery or just visit the official issuing office (if you lost it in Russia).

You can travel to and from Russia several times using your FAN ID within the period.

What opportunities gives the FAN ID?

  • to visit Russia without visa (plus 10 days before and 10 days after the period of the games);
  • to travel between the cities by the free train.

Almost 580 free additional trains will run between the hosting cities. To use this opportunity the guests with FAN ID should visit the official website  and register the seat for the free train.

The itinerary of the trains will be published at the official website at the end of December 2017. The main routes - from Moscow and back! Some trains may departure 8 hours after the game – so that the guests will have time to discover the city.

  • to use free rides on public transport within the cities;

The football fans with the tickets and FAN ID will have an opportunity to get from airport to stadium, from airport to railway station and from airport to the city center for free (but only in days of games).

  • to avoid the registration in the hotels;

All groups of football fans with FAN ID are not subject to accounting at the place of stay and in the hotels, so they can not register! For groups you just need to send the request to FIFA organizational committee and it will redirect the information to the hotel.

Tour-packages for FIFA 2018.

Most of the hotels are going to give the prices for the period of FIFA 2018 in December 2017, after the draw. But some of them already have it, so that Russian DMCs are ready to create special itineraries for your groups.

It is obvious that most of fans are going to have a short trips for 2-3 days, and it is important to create the program with the maximum possible number of landmarks and the most interesting activities.

According to the statistics from the Confederations Cup 2017, most of the football fans preferred to spend their time having cruises by rivers with sightseeing, visit popular bars and restaurants and have unique experiences – like visit traditional Russian villages etc. More rarely – visits to the museums.

Don’t miss to include the visits to the special football festivals, which will be held in all hosting cities during the period of FIFA. The final list of the events will be available in Spring 2018.

This is only the short list of the most important information you need to know about the FIFA 2018. If you missed the stream and want to learn more - watch the record on

Why choose Olta Travel as supplier of tour program for FIFA 2018?

  • We are creating tour programs for any duration of stay – for 2-3 days as well as 6-7 and more.
  • We have suppliers in each hosting city.
  • We can create the program with any combination of the cities – which is very comfortable. As you don’t need to search for tour operator in each city – we can do it all.
  • We have an expertise and perfectly know the destinations.
  • We have direct contracts with the hotels and transport companies and will offer you the best prices for accommodation and transportation.
  • We are aware of all subtleties and nuances of the trips for the period of FIFA 2018 and can guarantee the successful organization.

To get more information about traveling to Russia in 2018 or get a tour package for your groups – send your request to!

Getting ready for FIFA 2018! All you need to know about the trip to one of the most anticipated sport events.
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