DMC in Russia: how to organize a business trip to Russia?

DMC in Russia: how to organize a business trip to Russia?

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Destination Management Company is a term that in the modern world is used for the companies the main specialization of which is the professional organization and development of events of different levels of complexity in any country of the world, taking into account their local traditions, life, culture, and other peculiarities. OLTA Travel provides a full range of business travel services for the MICE industry: airline tickets, train tickets, visa, insurance, transfers, hotel reservations, organization of corporate events in Russia for foreigners.

The main objectives of business travel are:

  • holding meetings and negotiations with partners;
  • establishing business contacts, attracting new customers, investors, suppliers, etc.
  • organizing professional events (congresses, conferences, exhibitions, seminars, etc.);
  • meetings with management and colleagues, representatives of branch offices and subsidiaries of the company, by inspecting the work of representative offices and branches;
  • training, participation in training and exchange programs (e.g. international exchanges of teachers/researchers, etc.);
  • incentive travels to motivate your employees;
  • obtaining certificates, licenses, permits, etc. in state structures of other countries, and much more.

Having a business trip with a help of a specialized agency has many advantages. Indeed, professional travelling, especially missions in foreign countries, generate specific custom needs. Good planning requires planning everything down to the smallest details: accommodation, transport, visa or residence permit, etc. In this respect, the implication of a professional allows to save the time, because the company could discard the administrative procedures, and the logistic management is sometimes time-consuming.

Olta Travel will help you organize corporate and professional events. Every service we provide is unique and designed specifically for you. The company's offices are located in the central districts of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Our services:

  • Initial consultation
  • Search for possible destinations and hotels/places
  • Detailed presentation of the proposal
  • Website Inspection
  • Negotiation of contracts
  • Reservations
  • Logistics planning
  • Controlling the budget
  • Planning meetings
  • Configuring the meetings
  • Planning excursions and leisure activities
  • Planning of special and private events
  • Team building events, and many other services.

With several decades of experience, our business travel agency guarantees you proximity and efficiency.

DMC in Russia: how to organize a business trip to Russia?
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